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ULeak: Security Monitoring for multiple Websites

Scanning Websites

Websites of all types and sizes have become a target for malicious attacks. Exploitation of your website, your visitors and customers is a shady but lucrative business that is more of an issue than it has ever been in the past.

As time passes it becomes more and more likely for attackers to find new techniques and ways to exploit weaknesses in the code of your website. ULeak helps to mitigate the threat of your websites being vulnerable by scanning for similar loopholes and methods that malicious attackers will use. We will instantly inform you about found security risks so you can act preemptively.

Blacklist Removal

A compromised website can have long lasting effects. If your site has been found by, for example, Google to contain malicious content you will be blacklisted and subsequently lose your search engine ranking.

There is multiple blacklists that are constantly monitored by our system and if we find your website to be blacklisted we will assist you with the clean up and we will help you with the process of being removed from these blacklists.

Scan your websites online with our free blacklist scanner.

Malware Detection

What if your website has already been compromised? If our malware check detects any issues with your website we will aid you in taking back control over your visitor's - and your reputation's - safety. ULeak is the perfect tool to manage and analyze the security of all your monitored websites from a central view.

The detection of unwanted scripts will be done automatically for WordPress websites. The notification of pharmacy hacks, defacements and bad keywords will be done to all your sites. We encourage all of our existing customers not to hesitate contacting us when they are in need of assistance to cleanup their site.

SSL Checker

An SSL certificate helps you encrypt and secure the traffic of your website. Unfortunately these certificates can be faulty, misconfigured, expired or even compromised. Scan your websites with our free ssl scanner.

While vulnerabilities like DROWN Attack and HEARTBLEED are rare their drastic impact reaches even mainstream media. We help you track potential threats by giving you a quick and convenient overview about all previously described aspects of your SSL configuration, including a handy expiration warning. This allows for completely hands-off security and limitless scalability without added complexity and effort.

Multisite Monitoring

The Internet never sleeps and neither should your website. Unfortunately though downtime can be a real issue. Our system will check your website every 5 minutes to make sure it is available for everyone to browse.

You can visualize the past availability of your website with a graph in our control panel or even get a notification when the site is down, should you so desire.

Password Compliance

ULeak has developed it's own software to protect your customers' accounts. This completely optional tool allows passwords to be checked against a list of already compromised passwords.

This way you can inform users that their password has been leaked before they ever create their account with it. We will never transfer passwords in plain text and for the sake of full transparency we offer a public download of our tool, for everyone so inclined to inspect.

Easy Setup

Simply add your website in our dashboard and a full security scan will be initiated immediately.

We will subsequently scan your website every 24 hours.

Monitoring & Notifications

Receive your website scanner results by a ULeak email alert or find them in your personal, easy to use dashboard featuring detailed statistics for every scan.

Manage multiple Websites

Using our security suite you should be able to act preemptively to avoid future attacks.
ULeak offers you access to an expert support team that will assist you with any inquiry.

Starter Trial Subscription 1 month free

Free Trial Month Free Test Month No Payment

  • 5 Website slots included

Beginner Additional website slots

35.88 per Year €2.99 per Month Fix price for 12 Months

  • 1 Website slot included

Pro Additional website slots

155.88 per Year €12.99 per Month Fix price for 12 Months

  • 5 Website slot included

Expert Additional website slots

299.88 per Year €24.99 per Month Fix price for 12 Months

  • 10 Website slot included
ULeak - The most complete & popular malware and security monitoring tool

Website Scanning

Add and authorize your website in our dashboard via a simple and guided process.

The ULeak scanning cycle:

Vulnerability scan every 24 hours.

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Malware Cleanup

Automated cleanup tool for WordPress, the most popular CMS.

Contact our support for individual problem solving.

We will help you!

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Blacklist Removal

Protect your hard-earned search engine rankings.

We will help you mitigate damage to your company's image.

Don't compromise your brand

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Website Monitoring

Make sure you are always online.

We scan your website every 5 minutes and inform you when downtime occurs.

Do not let downtime affect your Internet presence!

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Password Validation

Know when a password is unsafe.

Allow your users to check their password's security before using it.

We know what passwords have been compromised.

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Wordpress Plugin

Our Wordpress Cleanup Plugin will help you to detect all possible malware on PHP and MySQL.

No more Website Defacements - We have set up a feature that can help you to prevent any changes on your website.

Plugin features

You can find us in the offical Wordpress Plugin Repository.

What do we use?

Our tools are built by us and people with great passion for website security.